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Writer (s) : Akma, Hajar, Ain, Aishah, Aina, Shida and Syafinaz

          The day had started normally until that tragic night. The whole school compound of The Feminine High School was enveloped in darkness. The gently wind was soothing yet chilly. It sent a gush of goosebumps to a group of high school students in the sport room.

          "Are you sure that we won't get caught?" asked Ain to Hajar with her eyes were peeking at the windows anxiously.

"Trust me. I've got everything in my hands." Hajar answered with her fist hoisted in the air. A smirk was plastered on her face. 

"And can you please sit down?" Akma sent her death glare. "I'm going to be in a big mess if Mr. Husin knew about this. The last time I used this room for my own advantage, I had to squat around the school field. We really need to find a new hideout after this. But first, let's get out from here."

          "She's right. I think we can go to our dorm now. It is quiet outside. I'm sure that there is no one else nearby." said Aishah who was now standing beside Aina to peep over the windows.

  "Come on, buddies." Aishah swirling the dorm's key around her finger, she walked towards the sport room's door. The other six girls followed after her.

          "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake. I shake it off, shake it off." Taylor Swift's new song was heard blaring through the dorm along with the girl's laugh and giggle.

          Ain went into her room and walked out with a laptop in her arms while the other two girls left the living room to grab some snacks and beverages from the pantry. They had decided to have a 'fun' day to relieve their stress and forget about the examination for a while.

          "So, Paranormal 3 right?" Ain asked while she set the laptop on the table.

  "What? Are you crazy? It is late already. I'm scared. Let's just watch The Maze Runner. There is a guy who looked just like Luhan. No wonder I find he is cute from the beginning." uttered Akma with a dreamy smile on her face. But the smile did not last long because as soon as she finished talking, a pillow was thrown at her face.

"Shut up. I thought we already talked about this. Just start the movie. I don't care." Hajar said with a frown face.

          "Arrrrggghhh!!!" they were at the part of the movie where the girl was being pulled under the bed when the phone outside the dorm rang.

  "Chill guys. It's just a phone call, okay." Grabbing a fistful of popcorns with her right hand, Shida walked away to answer the phone instinctively.

          "Don't you think it is weird?" said Syafinaz to Ain who was sitting beside her.

  "What?" asked Ain. 

"I mean the phone call. It is not suppose to ring. I have a bad feeling about this." explained Syafinaz.

"Quit it. You're thinking too much. It had happened a few times before. Don't worry." Actually, Ain also nod a weird sensation lingered inside her at the moment but decide to shrug it away.

to be continued . . .


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