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Writer(s): Akma, Hajar, Ain, Aishah, Aina, Shida, Syafinaz

          Ain and Akma were end up together. They searched for Shida at other place.

"Shida! Shida! Where are you? If you're hiding somewhere I will make Kyung Soo to be my bias. Hahahaha." Said Akma tried to threaten Shida.

"I think you will get a punch plus a 'thunder' from her if she was here." Said Ain to Akma while they both laughed until Ain suddenly screaming out loud.

"What is that?" Asked Ain while pointing at something that jumped on her skirt. Akma torched the torch light on Ain's skirt.

          "Cricket." Said Akma while took the insect from Ain's skirt.

          "No, it is grasshopper." Ain was very sure that the insect was grasshopper.



          "No, cricket!"

"Grassho..." Ain's word was stuck at her throat when suddenly they herd a screaming sound came from th…


Writer (s): Akma, Hajar, Ain, Aishah, Aina, Shida, Syafinaz

          Breath in. Breath out. She tried to calm herself. She did not want to make a harsh action. Taking small steps, she continued to search for her friend. She went to the bleacher and checked every row. However, there was no sign of her. She was about to leave the place when she heard the sound of something dropped.


          She turned around. Holding her breath, she examined her surrounding with the corner of her eyes. Her eyes caught something in the pool. There was a round float.

"I'm sure that there is nothing there when I'm entering this place." she thought. And after took another glance towards the pool,  she realised that the water was continuously decreasing.

"Who's there?" she asked loudly. Her voice cracked a little.

"Syafinaz, is that you?" silence. Suddenly, it turned dark. The light was ff. She could feel the temperature drop. Her hair was standing …


Writer :Akma, Hajar, Ain, Aishah, Aina, Shida and Syafinaz

"Where is Shida? It has been 15 minutes she was walking out from the toilet." Aishah said taking a glance towards the clock hanging on the wall beside the cupboard. 

11.25 p.m.

 Just then, a loud shrieking scream was heard. "Arrrggghhh!"

          Everyone in the room was stunned. "What was that?" Being the first to snap out from the daze, Aina voice out a respond.

"I don't know but I'm pretty sure that the cacophonous voice just now is Shida's." said Hajar. She began to panic. "What should we do now?"

          "Maybe she just want to pull a prank on us. Right?" Aishah let out an awkward laugh as she tried to ease the tense situation.

"yeah. I hope so." replied Hajar.

"That's it. We can't just wait here anymore. What if she is really in danger?" Ain said as she stood from her previous spot on the floor. 20 minutes had flew since the …


Writer (s) : Akma, Hajar, Ain, Aishah, Aina, Shida and Syafinaz

          The day had started normally until that tragic night. The whole school compound of The Feminine High School was enveloped in darkness. The gently wind was soothing yet chilly. It sent a gush of goosebumps to a group of high school students in the sport room.

"Are you sure that we won't get caught?" asked Ain to Hajar with her eyes were peeking at the windows anxiously.

"Trust me. I've got everything in my hands." Hajar answered with her fist hoisted in the air. A smirk was plastered on her face.

"And can you please sit down?" Akma sent her death glare. "I'm going to be in a big mess if Mr. Husin knew about this. The last time I used this room for my own advantage, I had to squat around the school field. We really need to find a new hideout after this. But first, let's get out from here."

"She's right. I think we can go to our dorm now. It is quiet outs…

The Feminine nak publish cerita Thriller mereka!


          Tengah golek-golek atas katil tiba-tiba teringat sesuatu. sebelum SPM haritu aku dengan kawan-kawan (the Feminine) ada buat satu cerita tentang kitaorang. niat sebenar nak hantar essay dekat teacher Rusnida setiap sorang sebab nak improve kitaorang punya grammar dengan essay. jenis kitaorang memang suka buat cerita. kalau soalan 'continuous writing' tu memang kitaorang akan pilih cerita. lebih senang nak elaborate. 

Biasanya kitaorang reka genre cerita 'love', 'friendship', 'life'. macam-macamlah. dalam kepala ni ada je idea. lepastu nama-nama watak kitaorang selalu guna nama sendiri. takpun nama-nama idol kpop. haha (ya, the Feminine memang kpop freak). 

         satu haritu kitaorang buatlah essay sorang satu (kebetulan ada cuti Deepavali yang panjang). teacher rasa impressed. dia kata jalan cerita menarik, grammar pun dah improve banyak. kitaorang punyalah happy sampai decide nak buat essay lagi pastu hantar kat teacher sebelu…

Testimoni Kulit Korea


          Selamat Tahun Baru! Salam 3 Januari gais. omomo dah masuk tahun 2015. umur dah tambah setahun. lol makin tua daku~ apa azam baru engkorang? moga-moga azam tahun lepas dah tercapai. eheheh. azam aku tahun ni? tak pastilah hohoho masih menyusun lagi azam-azam yang pasti capai, mungkin capai ataupun takkan capai langsung --" 
harini nak share something best (bagi aku. tapi taktau la engkorang kan). ye, aku tahu tajuk tu kelakar. even aku pun gelak baca tajuk tu. tapi apakan daya tu je yang terlintas dalam kepala. hahaha. ingatkan nak taip entri pasal Daiso tau. tapi aku malas gila nak mengulas. so, end up buat entri pasal testimoni diri sendiri. kahkahhh. pasal Daiso tu lama dah aku nak cerita, tapi tak juga publish (entrinya pun takde lagi. lewlss :P) 
          Tahu tak aku nak share testimoni apa? alaaa ingat tak pasal sabun susu beras tu? dah sebulan aku pakai. aihh puas hati. suka teramat. muka dah 70% macam Korean (yeke? ke aku berangan je ni) all the p…